May 22, 2012

Bike the Long Muni Shutdown!

As part of the on-going construction on Duboce, Church, and Carl Streets, the SFMTA will be shutting down and rerouting Muni service in the affected areas for 10 days starting this Friday. The biggest news is that the N - Judah Metro line will not be operating at all – special shuttle buses will attempt to pick up the slack. Also, the J - Church Metro line will only operate to Market & Church, where riders will have to transfer to trains underground. Extra Metro service will operate in the Market Street subway and will also run along the Embarcadero to 4th & King. Detours (some major) will additionally be in place for the 22, 37, 43, and N - Owl Muni bus lines. Even if all goes goes according to plan, next week is going to be quite a mess.

All of the details for the long shutdown are available here on the SFMTA's project website.

So, instead of fussing with shuttle buses and transfers, why not ride your bike to get where you're going? With all the recent improvements to the Bay to Beach route, you've got a pretty pleasant ride all the way from Ocean Beach to Downtown. To help you pedal along, the amazing folks at the SF Bicycle Coalition have drawn up some recommended bike routes parallel to the affected Metro lines. I helped create the map below detailing the various alternatives to get around by bike. Traveling by bike is competitive to Muni on a good day, so just imagine how much stress you'll be saving yourself next week.

Suggested bike routes parallel to the N - Judah and J - Church Muni Metro lines.  Click to enlarge.

In addition to helping people get around by bike on their own, the SF Bicycle Coalition has also set-up morning bike trains for Tues through Fri of next week (May 29 – June 1) following both the J and N lines. Detailed information for these rides, including departure times and stop locations, can be found on the SFBC's website.

Also important to know, especially for those of us already riding our bikes regularly, is that there will be a detour for the Wiggle route around the construction zone. The Duboce Bikeway will be closed, as will many streets surrounding the intersection of Church & Duboce. Thankfully, the SFMTA and the SF Bicycle Coalition have worked together on a pretty straightforward detour for reaching the Wiggle. Detour signs will be in place.

This is the detour for the Wiggle. Red = closed, orange = suggested detour route, green = open.  Click to enlarge.

I wish everyone traveling along these routes the best of luck next week. Keep it slow, stay alert, and relax. We'll all get where we need to go with just some small changes to our routine. And when the shutdown is all said and done, we'll have more reliable Muni service on the J and N lines, an improved streetscape on Duboce and Church Streets, and even a mini cycle track! It's always nice to look forward to something.

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