May 17, 2012

Green Super Sharrows... Meet The Wiggle

San Francisco's most beloved bike route, the Wiggle, is now officially marked in green. The SFMTA started work last week on upgrading the route's sharrows from boring white to bright, eye-catching green. Given the Wiggle's often-confusing nature of alternating right and left turns to avoid hills, these new markings should help to keep everyone (especially new travelers) on track.

The green sharrows will be placed over all existing sharrows along the Wiggle route. All intersections are now complete and crews are now working on Waller Street. Remaining sharrows should be upgraded in the coming weeks and, once construction is complete on Duboce, super sharrows will be installed there as well. In no time, the entire Wiggle, all the way from Market to Scott will be dotted in green.

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These new sharrows will not only help with way-finding, but also serve to designate these blocks as bicycle priority streets, where passing should be avoided and everyone travels at a slow and comfortable neighborhood speed. Many people do not ride directly over standard sharrows, even on the Wiggle, so hopefully these green ones will encourage people to steer clear of the door zone and enjoy the whole street.

In addition to the green sharrows, new highly-visable continental crosswalks are being striped at each Wiggle intersection. With continental crosswalks, the surface area of white paint on a driver or bike rider's retina is increased. Instead of seeing two thin stripes down the road, people now see a series of thick vertical bars.

Coming up the street, you can see how much more visible these new crosswalks are. You can barely see the thin horizontal stripes which made up the old crosswalks.

Now that the Wiggle has finally received some much-needed love, this project really highlights the importance of those three blocks of Fell and Oak Streets between Scott and Baker. The Wiggle is very safe and comfortable; so is the Panhandle and now JFK Drive. The only thing holding back thousands of San Franciscans from riding the Bay to the Beach route regularly are those three harrowing blocks. Please do what you can to support cycle tracks on Fell & Oak. We're so close to having one complete crosstown bikeway!

So, what are you waiting for? Invite a friend and take them out on the Wiggle!

Enjoy our Flickr set: The Wiggle's Green-Backed Sharrows. We'll add more photos as work continues.

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