Mar 19, 2012

An Impromptu Sunday Streets on the Great Highway

Every so often, the wind blows a little harder than usual and builds up some sand dunes on the Great Highway. Since DPW crews can't clear the sand until the wind lets up and it can also take a while to schedule the maintenance, the City will temporarily close the street to motorized traffic for safety.

But a little bit of sand is no obstacle for people walking and is barely an inconvenience to those bicycling, so neighbors regularly take to the road on days when it's closed. Indeed, more often than we think, there's an unofficial Sunday Streets out on the Great Highway! With some luck, it will take crews a few more days to get around to clearing the sand and people will have some more time to enjoy a highway-free Ocean Beach.

"Road Closed – Use Sunset Blvd" ...or get on your feet!

The Great Sand Dunes Return – If it weren't for regular sweeping, many streets near the beach would look similar to this.

More photos...

A temporary "8-80" space for a father to enjoy with his daughters.

And here's the largest obstacle. Though it doesn't look bad, I admit I had to hop off my bike for this one!

Ocean Beach sure is lovely this time of year.

There's some talk about closing portions of the Great Highway to traffic permanently. SPUR proposes in their Ocean Beach Master Plan to close the road south of Sloat Blvd due to the deterioration of the cliffside. They also suggest converting the westernmost two lanes between Lincoln and Sloat into a oceanside promenade. The report confirms what we all know: the Great Highway "[has] a capacity that exceeds its actual usage".

The final document will be released very soon. Check out the plan:

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