Feb 29, 2012

Hello Again San Francisco

I'm really happy to be back. Europe was amazing ...and cold. In many ways I am envious of their urban culture, but I am also now more appreciative of the sort of developments we have going over here. Amsterdam is an obvious bicycle heaven and the southern cities I visited, each in their own way, have really figured out how to nourish a healthy public climate. But nothing beats the unique character of each San Francisco neighborhood, our diverse and tolerant culture, and, not to mention, our gorgeous and unrivaled urban vistas. It's really wonderful to live here and I must admit I'm happy to be home.

Whenever I step away from the City for a while, there's often some project coming through that I'm waiting to be completed. This time around, it's the new JFK Bikeway – the first parking-buffered cycle track in San Francisco. I'll tell you, I'm not at all surprised that this thing hasn't come through yet – we're used to delays in this city – but you can see some small, but important, progress out on the road...

Crews took advantage of the rain this morning to continue grinding off the existing road stripings.

Finishing off a blue zone curb ramp by regrading the multi-use pathway.

The finished product. Only a few more to go – if all goes well (don't hold your breath), all curb ramps should be done by the end of this week.

DPW crews lifted and cleaned several storm drains to fix what were previously very large dips and to prevent puddling when it rains.

And there's always a couple new items that catch me off guard whenever I return from traveling somewhere...

A new pedestrian refuge island on 7th Avenue. I take this route daily, so I really hope it helps bring drivers closer to the posted 25 mph speed limit and also helps people have a more comfortable time reaching the 43/44 Muni stop. Hope to see a tree in here soon!

And a small one. New stencils at Market/Octavia guiding people onto the little-known Elgin Park, which has a 15 mph limit and is a convenient way to reach Duboce Ave.

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