Feb 4, 2012

Amsterdam: Winter Wonderland

We are just beginning our trip through Europe – traveling to Amsterdam, Munich, Venice, and Bacelona. We've been in Amsterdam for a few days now and are caught in the middle of a deep freeze. Amsterdam is a truly magical place, so cold temperatures aren't going to slow us down, but mother nature still took care of us by providing a nice dose of the white stuff. What everyone has told me is true – Amsterdam is absolutely beautiful after it snows!

Flurries were forecasted, but over the period of a few hours the city transformed from frigidly dry into a winter wonderland! Several centimeters are now on the ground and the canals are starting to freeze up too. And of course, life goes on – even if people are rushing to get inside in search of warmth. I'm not sure how frequently Amsterdam gets snow like this, but the locals looked really excited.

Haarlemerstraat – less than an hour ago, it was completely dry.

I didn't grow up with cold winters, but this looks like the equivalent of a downpour!

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about all of this.

Laura looks pretty cold though. Bundle up.

Brouwersgracht – home for our time here.

Still no concern for the streetcar tracks. This is near Centraal Station.

It's amazing how stunningly beautiful this city gets when it snows.

We thought it would be a good idea to travel to Vondelpark after the storm. We weren't alone. This is around the time when kids get out of school.

Lots of people finding their way home and making a pit-stop in the park.

I'm sure these kids are happy their mom remembered to put the cover on their Bakfiet.

Matching bicycles.

And the reason we're all here. To get out and enjoy the snow!

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