Jan 30, 2012

Noriega Street's New Parklet is Full of Life

The Sunset District has a new parklet and it's absolutely thriving with life. Located near Ocean Beach on Noriega Street (between 45th and 46th Avenues) and hosted by Devil's Teeth Baking Company, the parklet provides a central gathering place for the Outer Sunset community. Upon my visit Sunday afternoon, I was happy to see so much great public life – families with children, couples enjoying coffee, dogs greeting each other, a woman reading a book, and kids drawing with chalk. Many of these activities would not be possible on this street without this truly valuable public space. This is the Outer Sunset's second parklet – another is located exactly four blocks over on Judah Street in front of Trouble Coffee.

What's special about this parklet is that it reclaims three diagonal parking spots for community space – a true first for parklets. This means that commercial corridors with diagonal parking like West Portal (yes please!) now qualify for parklets. The parallelogram shape allows the space to be much wider and thus capable of serving more people and diverse uses. And I don't think Devil's Teeth Baking Company believes the false claim that removing parking is detrimental to business. Their shop is the most popular space on the block and it looks like many people got there by foot or bike.

It's still amazes me what can fit within the place of a few parking spots. Don't shy away from the Outside Lands... especially with all this gorgeous weather. Go check it out!

When I showed up, I was surprised to see so many people enjoying this new, wonderful public space! Kudos to Devil's Teeth Baking Company for the awesome design of the parklet.

The parklet stretches over three diagonal parking spaces and takes a parallelogram shape. Families and their children now have a comfortable place to mingle on a warm weekend afternoon.

Photos continue after the break.

The parklet is a seamless extension of the sidewalk and was also a great opportunity for some urban (and native) greening.

It's a great meeting spot for the many families living in the Outer Sunset.

When pidgins arrive, it's officially a public space. This one's admiring the chalkwork.

The bakery graciously provides chalk for children to draw with and a water bowl for the many dogs in the neighborhood.

It's lovely to see these pop up all over the City – a true San Francisco innovation! Every neighborhood deserves at least one parklet, so keep 'em coming.

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